Donald Trump posed with tacos to prove he loves really didn't work


Donald Trump has channelled his inner Partridge as he attempted to reach out to Hispanic voters on Thursday.

To mark Cinco de Mayo - a Mexican celebration - Trump decided posing with a plate of tacos and declaring 'I love Hispanics' would be the type of *subtle touch* needed to start mending bridges.

The tweet has certainly earned him plenty of retweets and likes - although that could just be people offering a nod of agreement to his assertion that the best tacos are conveniently made inside his entrepreneurial HQ.

There has been plenty of reaction to the tweet - scrolling through the replies is a worthwhile experience if you have a spare three or four hours - but this just about sums them all up.

If the comedic value of Trump's tweet was not enough some journalists have decided to investigate the veracity of Trump's claim about the tacos.

The hard-hitting scoops didn't stop there with reports that the tacos are not sold at Trump Grill but rather at Trump Cafe. On such things elections swing.

There was, at least one voice of sanity that prevailed.