David Cameron almost walked through the wrong door as he cast his vote on polling day


It's a hard job being PM.

Assuaging national security concerns, trading blows in the House of Commons... there are many challenges David Cameron faces as he tackles the tricky business of running our country.

Doors, apparently, were the biggest hurdle this morning.


Cameron and his wife Samantha appeared confused as they went to cast their votes on Thursday, initially making their way to the wrong entrance.

They arrived just before 8.30am and had to quickly re-route upon realising the door they were at did not lead to the polling station.

David and Samantha Cameron
(Philip Toscano-Heighton/PA)

Hats off to Sam Cam, who seemed to notice the blunder sooner than her husband, who stopped for a moment before following her lead.

The pair spent two minutes inside Central Hall Westminster, a short walk from Downing Street, before walking off hand-in-hand.

Dressed in a navy blue blouse, tucked into navy trousers - paired with white loafers, Mrs Cameron smiled for the press, with her husband offering a single utterance of: "Hi."

We get it. Doors are hard. So are mornings. Dave, it happens to the best of them...