See the angry graffiti someone left on a car outside Harrods


While everyone's talking about how Beyoncé pretty much wrote the whole of her latest album about being cheated on, people who aren't one of the world's most famous singers have to resort to much more old-fashioned ways of publicly shaming their other half.

Like this.

This car was seen parked outside Harrods on Wednesday, covered in angry red words. And it's kinda hard not to laugh at...

On one side of the vehicle it simply says "cheater" while on the bonnet there are these sassy words: "hope she was worth it".

What's especially hilarious is how "it's over" has also been sprayed above the wheel. You know, just in case that wasn't clear already from the rest of the graffiti...

Guess the owner of the car should just be happy this didn't happen really.

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