Here's how the internet responded to Zac Goldsmith delivering milk to win voters' hearts


Londoners must have had a bit of a surprise on Wednesday morning when they saw Zac Goldsmith delivering milk in Kensington.

Zac Goldsmith - Zac Goldsmith added a new photo. | Facebook

The Conservative candidate for London's mayoral elections made a last-minute attempt to win over voters by teaming up with Dominic Gilham, a Conservative London Assembly candidate, to deliver milk in some areas of the city.

The son of billionaire James Goldsmith, who is also MP for Richmond, is up against Labour hopeful Sadiq Khan for the vote.

Zac Goldsmith

While the #BackZac team may have thought this is a great photo-op for their candidate, Twitter thought otherwise.

Even Goldsmith's trip to the fish market in Billingsgate wasn't spared...