Alex Salmond losing sleep over prospect of Donald Trump as president


Alex Salmond has urged Scots-Americans to reject "the nightmare" of Donald Trump winning the US presidency and getting his finger on the nuclear button.

The former Scottish first minister says he loses sleep over the prospect of the US businessman, who clashed with him over Scotland's renewable energy policy and its impact on Trump golf courses in Scotland, entering the Oval Office.

Mr Salmond suggested Mr Trump's main Democrat rival Hilary Clinton is "vulnerable" to public criticism, with smears sticking to her like "Velcro" after her long career in US politics.

The SNP MP likened himself to her husband, former president Bill Clinton, as "teflon" politicians regarded with "affection" by the public who are "prepared to forgive them a great deal".

Speaking on LBC Radio, Mr Salmond said "the nightmare gets worse and worse" and urged US citizens to elect "anybody but Donald".

"Let's consider the awful prospect that Donald might actually get his finger on the nuclear button and his bottom on the seat in the Oval Office," he said.

He added: "Hopefully America will redeem its reputation and, in particular, my appeal to Scots-Americans is - just remember that man would let down America just as he has let down Scotland.

"There are few things in politics and life that make me lose sleep, but actually Donald in the White House would be one of them."

He added: "You know how they talk about teflon candidates. Bill Clinton was a teflon candidate ... perhaps myself and perhaps others.

"Basically, nothing ever stuck to them on the basis that the public had some affection for them and therefore were prepared to forgive them a great deal.

"Perhaps that applies to me, it certainly applies to a number of politicians.

"Hilary is not. She is the kind of Velcro candidate. Everything sticks to her.

"She has been around a long time in politics so perhaps you acquire that unfortunate tendency, but for whatever reason she is vulnerable in that sense."