A hamster called Marvin is the latest member of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's family to be revealed


Introducing Marvin the Royal hamster:

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Note this is not *actually* Marvin, but he probably looks reasonably similar (except, perhaps, with a better crown).

The royal rodent is the latest member of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's family to be revealed.

Kate was officially opening the new Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace when she divulged the previously unknown information about the pet to a schoolgirl.

She made the revelation to Darcey from St John the Baptist School in Hampton Wick.

Kate talks to children (Richard Pohle/The Times/PA)
(Richard Pohle/The Times/PA)

The nine-year-old said of her conversation with the royal visitor: "She said she has a hamster, and Charlotte really likes it because the whiskers always tickle her face."

(The Duchess of Cambridge/PA)
(The Duchess of Cambridge/PA)

It is not known whether the royal rodent resides at the couple's Norfolk home.

But we're guessing Kate doesn't carry it around in her Michael Kors jacket pockets.

The Duchess of Cambridge (Richard Pohle/The Times/PA)
(Richard Pohle/The Times/PA)

Marvin joins Lupo the dog in the Cambridge family's roster of known pets.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Lupo (Michael Middleton/PA)
(Michael Middleton/PA)

Lupo is a working cocker spaniel, a strain that is traditionally bred for work as gundogs - and can cause havoc around the house. Lupo joined the duke and duchess in December 2011.