Zac Goldsmith said he wants to 'do a Leicester City' in the London mayoral elections and everyone laughed at him

Zac Goldsmith is on a bit of a roll with gaffes at the moment.

First there was the oddly held pint...

Then there was his lack of Bollywood knowledge despite claiming he's a big fan...

Now there's a new one to add to the stockpile - and it's to do with Leicester City.

Presumably wanting to seem completely *in touch* with what literally everyone is talking about right now, Goldsmith told LBC that he was "hoping to do a Leicester City and zoom in from behind and win on May 5´´ in the London mayoral elections.

And the joke went down just as well as the others, if not worse.

He seemed to ignore the fact that Leicester have been top of the Premier League since January. Goldsmith, however, has not had such a success rate.

It looks like the club might not have found it funny either, as they appeared to have responded in a since deleted tweet that's being shared online.

Maybe just leave the popular culture references well alone in future, hey?

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