Radiohead give fans the bird after internet disappearing act

Radiohead Has Erased Itself from the Internet

British rock band Radiohead has reappeared online just days after vanishing from the internet, sharing a birdsong sung by an animated bird on social media.

The band deleted its website and tweets on May 1 and sent cryptic leaflets to fans through the post, prompting speculation about when and how the group will release a new album.

The new Instagram post, which is the only image on the band's page, appeared early on Tuesday morning and could be linked to the new company the band registered in January, Dawn Chorus LLP.

Radiohead also established companies before the surprise releases of records In Rainbows in 2007 and The King Of Limbs in 2011.

A visit to still offers viewers a blank page, while the band's Facebook page and Twitter feed feature only a link to the Instagram post.

Some fans have recently shared images of card they have received cards in the post emblazoned with the band's bear logo and the words: "Sing the song of sixpence that goes Burn The Witch."

Others speculated on Twitter about how the new album will arrive, with Radio One DJ Phil Taggart writing: "#Radiohead will release their new album at midnight exclusively through a carrier pigeon sanctuary in Torquay #RadioheadReleaseTheories".

Jason Martinez joked: "I heard the new #Radiohead album will be performed only once in front of a group of town elders, who will then have to recreate it orally."

Comedian Andy Levy tweeted: "Thom Yorke just showed up at my door with the master of the new radiohead album and said 'it's up to u now' and then flew away out my window."