'Sonic booms' shake homes in Yorkshire


Reports of loud bangs heard in Yorkshire are believed to have been sonic booms caused by aircraft, authorities have said.

People reported hearing the bangs on Monday night, with many saying their houses shook.

North Yorkshire Police said the force was investigating.

It tweeted: "Numerous reports of loud bangs across the county, believed to be sonic booms from an aircraft. Inquiries ongoing, no danger to the public."

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Reports of explosion heard in Selby area. After consulting with other emergency services this appears to have been caused by a sonic boom."

It has been suggested the sounds may have been caused by RAF Typhoon jets.

Last month, two bangs heard around Northampton and Brackley were caused by Typhoon jets which had been scrambled from an RAF base in Lincolnshire to identify an unresponsive aircraft.


The Ministry of Defence has been contacted for comment about Monday's incident.


A number of people posting on Twitter about the noise reported hearing two bangs.


One woman wrote: "house shook & whole street was out, car & house alarms gone off. Apparently was a sonic boom."


Police added: "Confirmation from RAF that loud bangs heard across the county were sonic booms from RAF Typhoon jets. No cause for concern."