Homeless people in Hawaii might soon be housed in igloos


A church in Hawaii believes it has found a rather unusual solution for housing homeless families - igloos.

the igloo shelter in the sun
(Caleb Jones/AP)

But not your typical igloos - these dome-shaped shelters are made of fibreglass (so no risk of them melting), which would keep the temperature inside around 10-15 degrees cooler that the blazing heat outside.

the window of an igloo
(Caleb Jones/AP)

inside the igloo looking at the window
(Caleb Jones/AP)

While the snow-style structures might at first glance seem completely out of place amongst the sandy beaches and palm trees of Honolulu, the First Assembly of God believes they may be the answer to the state's ongoing homeless crisis.

The igloos are the latest idea in the islands as they struggle to deal with the United States' highest per capita homelessness rate. Honolulu is using shipping containers to house some people, while others are pushing traditional thatched "hale" homes.