A bear was found rummaging in the fridge of an apartment in Colorado

Waking up on Bank Holiday Monday with a bear in the house might sound like the latest plot for a Hangover movie - but that is what really happened to someone in America.

Eagle River Fire Protection District | Facebook

Emergency services were called to a second floor apartment in Avon, Colorado, after the resident discovered a hungry bear rummaging around in the fridge in the early hours of the morning.

The crew from the Eagle River Fire Protection District managed to coerce the bear - which they believe may have climbed in through an open window or door - out of the flat without much stress, and no humans or bears were reported to be injured in the process.

the bear pokes it head out the door in the apartment
Peek-a-boo (Screengrab/
Eagle River Fire Protection District/Facebook)

While this might seem like an unusual occurrence, more than half of Colorado's collared bears are currently coming out of hibernation, which might explain why this bear was on the prowl for some grub wherever it could find it.

(Besides, who hasn't fancied a snack at 4.45am before?)

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