An elderly couple got trapped in their crashed car overnight


An elderly couple were left trapped in their car in a ditch overnight after it skidded off a rural road in the Cotswolds.

The man and woman, aged 87 and 78 and from Churchdown in Gloucestershire, became stranded after their car left the A46 near Prinknash Abbey at 8pm on Saturday as they drove towards the village of Cranham.

Their upturned Honda Jazz was left on its side in a ditch, where it could not be seen by other drivers on the road.

It was only spotted at 10.10am on Sunday by a driver in a larger vehicle, who called the police.

Prinknash Abbey
Prinknash Abbey (PA)

The pensioners were taken to hospital but escaped serious injury.

A spokesman for Gloucestershire Police said: "We understand from the driver that their car left the road at 8pm last night and the couple have been trapped in the vehicle overnight.

"It was extremely lucky that the couple were not seriously injured at the time of the incident and that their car was spotted this morning by a driver of a high-sided vehicle who called the police."

Police are now investigating how the car ended up in the ditch.