Library book due back in December 1948 finally returned


A library user has finally returned a book more than six decades after borrowing the title.

The unidentified - but honest - customer came forward after 67 years with her confession.

The first edition Myths And Legends Of Maoriland, by AW Reed, was meant to be returned on December 17, 1948.

A picture of the inside of the book was shared by Epsom Community Library in Auckland, New Zealand, on Facebook.

A wonderful customer came to see us with a ...

It has been shared and liked hundreds of times.

The picture includes the rules and regulations of borrowing at the top of the stamped return slip headed "Time allowed for reading".

"This book MUST be returned on or before the date last stamped below. If kept beyond that date, a fine will be charged at the rate of three-pence for the first week or part thereof, and one-penny per day thereafter."

A spokesman for the library explained: "A wonderful customer came to see us with a confession today. As a child she was a patron of Epsom Library until she moved out of Auckland - and accidentally took a library book with her!

"Today she finally managed to return it to us. It's a fair few years overdue but in excellent, well-read condition."

The library has waived all late fees.

"We were just stoked to have the book back," the spokesman added.