Epic fail for a punter who cashed out a 5000/1 Leicester City title bet after one game


For one football fan Leicester's unlikely run to the Premier League title has been tinged with regret. About £2,500 worth of regret.

That's because they cashed out on a bet for Leicester to win the title...after only one game!

In what can only be described as the worst cash out ever, the punter, who is at this point unknown, saw enough when Leicester beat Sunderland 4-2 in their opener to promptly cash out their 50p bet with Ladbrokes for a 45p return.

Oh dear.

There are certain questions that remained unanswered, like why cash out such a small bet after just one game, but that detail only adds to the amusement for the rest of us.

Ladbrokes spokesman Alex Donohue said: "This will go down as the worst cash out decision in history.

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"Plenty of 5000/1 backers took sums midway through the season when it looked in the balance, but we wonder what our man didn't like about the 4-2 win on the opening day of the season."

Some punters who backed the Foxes at similar odds have cashed out for thousands of pounds, with the highest payout being £72,000 settled on a £50 bet in March, Ladbrokes said.

The Foxes need three points from their final three games to confirm the title and they could even wrap it up against Manchester United away at Old Trafford on Sunday.

Leicester midfielder Riyad Mahrez
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We're assuming the punter is a Foxes fan so they can at least console themselves with the fact that Leicester are about to win the Premier League title, while Ladbrokes has asked the customer to come forward to offer them a pair of tickets to a game next season.

Amusingly, they've also offered them a free bet on any team to win the 2016/17 title.

If that's not enough for the fan to reveal themselves, another 45p might do the trick.