Spring snow to keep skiers on CairnGorm Mountain until May

Spring snowfall will allow the ski resort in the Cairngorms to remain open into May.

Heavy snow and freezing temperatures on Tuesday morning mean more than half of the 11 lifts in the Aviemore area are open for skiers and snowboarders.

In 2010, CairnGorm Mountain remained open until June for the first time with hundreds of skiers trekking to the snow.

This year, the resort will be open until at least May 2, when staff will review the conditions.

Snow is expected to continue in higher parts of the north east of Scotland until the weekend.

CairnGorm Mountain general manager Janette Jansson said: "We are absolutely delighted to continue offering great snowsports at CairnGorm at the moment.

"It was a particularly late start to the season this year, but we are certainly making up for it now with plenty of snow still on the slopes.

"I think that this is the best time of the year to ski in Scotland, with better weather, softer snow and less congestion on the slopes.

"It looks like it's time to put the mountain bikes back in the shed and head to the slopes for some end of season snowsports."

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