100ft landslide near Bournemouth beach damages Edwardian funicular railway

An Edwardian funicular railway has been damaged after a huge landslide saw tonnes of debris crash down on a coastal resort.

The East Cliff lift in Bournemouth was battered by stone, rock, soil and other debris as the pathway at the top of the 100ft verge gave way.

The collapsed cliff next to the East Cliff funicular railway on Bournemouth beach
(Andrew Matthews/PA)

It is believed heavy rainfall on the east Dorset coastline, coupled with a dip in temperature over the weekend, could have triggered the landslide.

The site, between Bournemouth and Boscombe piers, was cordoned off by council staff on Saturday night over concerns about the safety of the cliff top.

Workers awoke on Sunday to discover the railway, which was built in 1908, was partially submerged by debris, while a public toilet block at the foot of the cliffs was destroyed.

People look up at the collapsed cliff
(Andrew Matthews/PA)

Nobody was injured during the incident.

A Bournemouth Borough Council spokesman said a cordon would remain in place for the early part of the week amid concerns of further damage.

Keep Out sign in front of collapsed cliff
(Andrew Matthews/PA)

The spokesman said: "The seafront promenade remains open but areas at the top and bottom of the affected cliff area remain sealed off.

"Seafront staff noticed signs of cliff movement on Saturday and closed the area off as a precaution. No-one was hurt."

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