People are in awe of Jemima Sumgong who won the women's London Marathon after falling over and banging her head

This is Jemima Sumgong and she just won the women's London Marathon.

Kenya's Jemima Sumgong celebrates
(Jonathan Brady/PA)

She managed her impressive achievement in an unofficial time of two hours 22 minutes and 58 seconds - but there's something even more impressive about her win.

About an hour beforehand, she was involved in a nasty looking fall with two other runners where she banged her head on the floor.

the runner has a fall
That's her underneath another runner (Screengrab/BBC)

But, like the absolute trooper she clearly is, she got straight back up and carried on running. She nursed her head a couple of times but that was NOT going to get in her way.

the runner has a fall

the runner gets up and carries on running

Viewers watching along at home were absolutely in awe.

What a champ.

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