Nigel Farage says anti-Brexit President Obama out for his own financial gain

US President Barack Obama was motivated to attack Brexit in order to secure financial gain for himself, Ukip leader Nigel Farage has insisted.

In an explosive escalation of the highly personalised attacks launched against Mr Obama by the Leave campaign, Mr Farage said the president's priority was to "guarantee his financial future".

The Ukip leader said Mr Obama was looking after the interests of giant American companies who want to buy up parts of the NHS when he warned Britain would be at "the back of the queue" for trade deals if it turned its back on Brussels.

The Ukip leader said the president was driven by bigger considerations than just being anti-British.

"There is a bigger motivation and that is, with this trip, and with what he has said, he has guaranteed his financial future.

"He has done the bidding of the giant American corporates who want Britain to stay in the EU.

"Why? Because they want this Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal done so that the big American corporates can buy up chunks of our public services, including the National health Service - that's a bigger motivation," Mr Farage told Sky's Murnaghan Show.

The incendiary remarks came as Mr Farage chided London Mayor Boris Johnson for "playing the man, not the ball" for mentioning that Mr Obama was "part-Kenyan" in his attacks on the president.

"I am not saying Boris is wrong, but I think If you are seen to be attacking the man and not the ball that is not where we need to be," Mr Farage said.

The Ukip leader insisted that Mr Obama was anti-British, and should not have intervened in a domestic debate.

"The issue here is that he is spouting a line, he is saying he doesn't think the UK should be an independent, sovereign democracy," he said.

The attack comes after other prominent Leave campaigners branded Mr Obama a "lame duck", and branded his intervention "perverse".

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