People simply cannot handle how adorable Prince George is meeting Barack Obama in his dressing gown


Prince George stayed up past his bedtime to meet Barack Obama during his visit to the UK - and it was official cuteness overload.

prince george shakes obama's hand
Oh hey POTUS, no big deal (Kensington Palace/Pete Souza/Whi/PA)

He shook the president's hand wearing some button-up blue gingham PJs and a matching dressing gown - as you do - which even had his name embroidered on it.

prince george shakes obama's hand
Look at that FACE (Kensington Palace/Pete Souza/Whi/PA)

Then after all the serious formalities were over, he took to his rocking horse for some light relief. Much to the enjoyment of mummy Kate.

prince george plays on his rocking horse
(Kensington Palace/PA Wire/PA)

And, quite frankly, the whole thing sent Twitter into meltdown.

Hearts were melted across the nation.

Though a few questions were left unanswered - who said what, why is George so cool etc.

One thing they know for sure - if he keeps this laid-back attitude up, he'll make a fine leader one day.