Jeremy Corbyn describes discussions with Barack Obama as 'excellent'


Jeremy Corbyn has met US President Barack Obama and described their discussion as "excellent".

The Labour leader emerged from Lindley Hall, central London, after almost 90 minutes. He told reporters the pair touched on a number of topics, including the European Union (EU) "very briefly".

Corbyn said Obama congratulated him on being elected leader of the Labour Party. Corbyn also said he had "enjoyed" the meeting.

corbyn walking after leaving meeting with obama
Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves Lindley Hall in Westminster (Steve Parsons/PA)

Asked what they discussed, the Labour politician said: "The challenges facing post-industrial societies and the power of global corporations and the increasing use of technology around the world and the effect that has."

He said they spoke about levels of inequality and poverty.

Asked if they talked about the President's intervention into the debate on Britain's membership of the European Union, Corbyn they spoke "very briefly" on the subject of Europe.

The meeting between the two men came after days of uncertainty.

US President Barack Obama speaks at Lindley Hall in a "town hall-style" meeting with Britons (Anthony Devlin/PA)

Such a meeting between an American president and leader of the opposition would usually be routine during a trip to Britain stretching across three days.

But Labour officials could only say in the past few days they "hoped" to announce a get-together was happening.

News that Corbyn - who opposes British military intervention in Syria - was to meet Obama came as the President said the US and Britain were ready to take action to stop the Islamic State terror group securing a stronghold in Libya from which to launch attacks on Europe or America.