Millennials are particularly susceptible to life crisis, says Open University


Almost half of people experience a "life crisis", with younger adults particularly affected, according to a new report.

Research among 1,000 people by the Open University found the problem was hitting almost a third of 18- to 30-year-olds.

When asked what factors caused their 'life crisis', a lack of career fulfilment and unfulfilled dreams topped the list.

Bored man looking at a laptop
"I could have life fulfilment, or I could choose to look at cat videos" (Digital Vision/Thinkstock)

Two out of five said a new career would help them cope, while 24% said learning something new would solve their issues.

The Open University is encouraging people to solve the problem and explore their interests by learning something new or pursuing further study.

The OU wants people to activate "passion plans" (julief514/Thinkstock)

Clare Riding, head of careers and employability services at The Open University, said: "Almost two-fifths (39%) of people cited embarking on a new career as a solution to their 'life crisis', so whilst finding a career you love can be challenging, it is also deeply rewarding.

"Taking time to explore your interests, both in and out of work, will help you to realise your career ambitions and will support you in finding the role that's right for you."