Did Facebook just wish everyone in England Happy St George's Day a day early by mistake?


Facebook users have been left confused after the social network wished people a Happy St George's Day a day early.

People logging on in the UK on April 22 were shown a graphic of a medieval combat helmet with red roses in front of a dragon.

The message reads: "Happy St George's Day! Let the spirit of England fill you with pride today and every day."

Just one small thing, St George's Day is actually April 23.

And people were quick to point out the possible error by the firm on Twitter and Instagram labelling it a #fail.

People also asked if Facebook would get (the arguably more prominent) St Patrick's Day wrong.

So what did Facebook have to say about the apparent mix up?

Well, the social network did admit that a mistake was made and that the message was removed as soon as they realised. Perhaps a new calendar is needed in the Facebook offices?