The chocolates in Cadbury Roses are changing - here's why


Two of the chocolates inside the Cadbury Roses selection are changing - along with their wrappers and the overall packaging.

Favourites Hazel in Caramel - formerly Hazelnut - and Coffee Escape have been redesigned with smooth contours to ensure they "melt in the mouth easily and result in a longer moment of joy", according to Cadbury.

The new chocolates will appear in boxes from the end of the month.

Tin of Cadbury's Roses
The traditional Roses packaging (Mark Morgan/Flickr)

In addition, the chocolatier has done away with twist wraps in favour of flow wrappers.

They have an easy-tear jagged edge and were partially introduced in 2015. Cadbury wants to ensure that the chocolates are kept fresher for longer, while making sure none of the treats accidentally unwrap in the box.

Cadbury said the wrapper makeover addressed complaints that chocolates fell out of the old-fashioned foil, and stronger-tasting centres like Coffee Cream tainted other flavours.

Box of revamped Cadbury Roses
The revamped packaging will be available in shops later this year (Cadbury/PA)

The updated chocolates and wrappers will be contained in newly designed outer packaging.

It will be finalised over the next few months and arrive on shelves later in the year.

The new design of Cadbury Roses which includes  changes to the chocolates inside
The Roses production line (Cadbury/PA)

The £3 million makeover blends Cadbury's signature purple with the sky blue of the old Roses packaging.

The chocolates were first launched in the UK in 1938.