The graphic that shows Emilia Clarke is undeniably right: Game of Thrones needs to #FreeTheP

If you ask someone what comes to mind when thinking about Game of Thrones after all the murder and the dragons, as well as the incredible story lines, what is there? Sex and nudity. Lots of it.

But are our loved and loathed characters from the hit show really naked as often as it seems? MyVoucherCodes decided to find out ahead of the season six premiere on April 25.

One thing that's abundantly clear is that the Mother of Dragons/Queen of the Andals/Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea/Breaker of Chains/plain old Emilia Clarke definitely has a case backing up her campaign to #FreeTheP.

Graphic showing the amount of nudity and sex in Game of Thrones

Are there any of the seven sins those conniving Lannisters won't indulge in? The results would suggest not.

The other thing this graphic proves, though, is that Emilia Clarke is right. With 60 female breast appearances, not including any from extras, and just two penis appearances, The P undeniably needs to be freed.

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