Somehow, the internet appears to be fixated on Prince George's knee-length socks


There he is again - in all his royal cuteness and looking as adorable as always.

Yes, we're talking about Prince George, who features on a Royal Mail postage stamp for the first time as part of 10 special stamps released to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday.

Prince George.
(Ranald Mackechnie/Royal Mail)

The rosy-cheeked toddler, who turns three in July, is pictured standing on a stack of foam blocks and wearing a cute outfit from Rachel Riley London.

But it seems we were more interested George's socks...

While most of us think knee-length socks should remain in the Victorian era where they belong, the young prince seems to be wearing them on almost every formal occasion.

Like this photo to mark his second birthday.

Prince George.
(HRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)

And this one with his baby sister Princess Charlotte (note he's even wearing the same outfit!).

Prince George.
(HRH The Duchess of Cambridge)

And here, where he's posing for a family portrait.

Prince George.
(Chris Jelf)

And not to mention here, where he has managed to colour co-ordinate with his father!

Prince George.
(Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA)

Love them or hate them, Prince George is probably the only person on this planet who can pull off this sartorial style.

Prince George + Socks = Uber cute.