Rat lands man in hospital after attacking him on the toilet


In news that will have people everywhere peering down the U-bend in fear, an Irish man was reportedly rushed to hospital after a rat climbed through his toilet and bit him on the bottom.

The Mirror reports that the elderly gent was sitting on the toilet when the rat attacked and was taken to Co Cork Hospital to receive treatment.

(Yui Mok/PA)

Local Councillor Noel Collins blamed the attack on recent flooding and is urging local residents to keep an eye out for rodents.

He told the Mirror: "The flooding resulted in a rat infestation, which really upset many families, mentally and physically, and indeed, one elderly gentleman suffered a rat bite to his posterior while using his toilet, and had to receive immediate medical attention."

Take a moment to let out that silent scream you've been holding in.

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Collins has asked local authorities to consider flushing rat poison into the sewer system to prevent further rat intruders from attacking. However, this could contaminate water sources and potentially be dangerous for humans.

The advice for local residents?

"I would advise homeowners to keep their toilet seats down when not in use, and to watch their posteriors," says Collins.