UK troops 'not expected to take up frontline role in Libya'


British troops are not expected to be involved in frontline fighting with Islamic State (IS) extremists in Libya, Philip Hammond has said.

The Foreign Secretary told MPs there is "no appetite" in Libya for foreign combat troops on the ground, although the UK is willing to send troops to help train and support the Government of National Accord's (GNA) forces.

Mr Hammond, referring to IS as Daesh, added: "We do not anticipate any requests from the GNA for ground combat forces to take on Daesh or any other armed groups and we have no plans to deploy troops in such a role.

"I will of course keep the House informed of any plans we develop in the future in response to requests from the Libyan government.

"But the type of mission that we currently envisage would be focused on providing training and technical support away from any frontline operations."