William and Kate hold hands on trek to Tiger's Nest monastery

Strolling hand in hand, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took on the challenge of walking up to Bhutan's famous Tiger's Nest monastery.

William and Kate enjoyed the stunning scenery on their trek to the 17th century Paro Taktsang, nestling on the side of a cliff.

They began their walk by posing for photographs with the landmark monastery high above them in the background.

Kate was dressed in a white blouse, waistcoat, leggings and calf-length boots, while William looked casual in chinos and a blue shirt and walking boots.

The Duke joked with one of the older photographers among the media, saying he was glad he had not ventured to the top.

Their path up to the Tiger's Nest led through a pine forest on the slopes of the hill, with piles of symbolic stones dotted along the route.

They wore sunglasses against the bright spring sunshine and when they spotted a trio of small ornate buildings housing large Buddhist prayer wheels beside a babbling brook, William pointed at them and commented to Kate.

The royal couple held hands and looked relaxed as they walked along the winding path through the idyllic landscape.

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