Newspapers appeal over celebrity sex story gagging order

Tabloid newspaper editors have asked judges to lift a ban which is preventing them from reporting on a ''well-known'' man's ''extramarital activities''.

The Sun On Sunday wanted to publish an "account" of the man's ''sexual exploits'' with others.

The man took legal action and earlier this year two Court of Appeal judges imposed an injunction - preventing the newspaper from identifying the man in an article.

Lawyers for News Group Newspapers, publishers of The Sun On Sunday, asked three Court of Appeal judges to lift the ban at a hearing in London on Friday. 


Gavin Millar QC, who is leading News Group Newspapers' legal team, told Lord Justice Jackson, Lady Justice King and Lord Justice Simon that information had now been published outside the jurisdiction of England and Wales and was available to the British public via the internet.

He said that, because of that, the ban should be lifted.

The hearing is expected to end later on Friday morning.

Detail of the case emerged in a ruling by two judges following a Court of Appeal hearing in London earlier this year.

Lord Justice Jackson and Lady Justice King - who had earlier analysed the case - did not identify the man in their ruling but referred to him only as ''PJS''.

They said he was ''well known'', married and in the entertainment business. They said his spouse - named as ''YMA'' - was also well-known in the entertainment business. They said the couple had ''young'' children.

Lord Justice Jackson said, in the ruling, that the man had appealed after a High Court judge ruled in favour of The Sun On Sunday.

Mr Justice Cranston had refused to impose an injunction following a hearing in January - although he ordered a temporary block on publication pending the hearing of an appeal.

Lord Justice Jackson said he and Lady Justice King had decided to allow the man's appeal after balancing his human right to respect for family life and the newspaper's right to free expression.

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