'Hero' taxi driver hailed for helping teenager evade thugs

A mother has thanked a "hero" taxi driver who picked up her son to save him from youths who were threatening him.

Lynn Black Bell said the driver for Airdrie Taxis in North Lanarkshire spotted her son, reportedly aged 19, getting abuse as he walked home in the town so stopped his car and told him to jump in.

She said in a message to the firm: "He never even took the fare. Please pass this on so he knows how much we appreciate his actions. He's an angel."

Her thanks have been shared on Facebook more than 12,000 times, with hundreds of people paying credit to the driver, understood to be a Billy Gilchrist.

Linda Donnelly wrote: "Good on that guy for stopping and helping your lad.

"I would like to think someone would do the same for my son if he is ever in a situation like that. Hope someone knows who he is so he gets the recognition he deserves."

Gwyneth Monteith commented: "Congratulations to Airdrie Taxis for having an employee who cares about people and not just 'fares'."

Ms Black Bell said her son got abuse on the train to Airdrie from two youths who started following him home on Tuesday night.

She wrote: "One of your taxi drivers swerved his car across the road to stop the guys from jumping him. He had obviously been watching them.

"The ned guys still followed him home, throwing stuff and shouting they were going to stab him.

"The same taxi guy came round the corner, stopped his taxi and said get in and took him home. He is my actual hero."

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