Rhino causes road block on William and Kate's safari


Hold-ups on country roads in Britain are usually caused by sheep but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge found themselves stuck behind a rhino while on an Indian safari.

The rare one-horned rhino was given a wide birth when it was spotted ahead of William and Kate's jeep on a forest track in Kaziranga National Park.

The couple gasped as they caught sight of the huge animal just 50 yards away and Kate said, "This is amazing," while William added: "It's amazing to be this close."

Standing up in the back of the partly open-topped jeep the royal couple remained transfixed before a ranger called out loudly to scare it off the road.

When they first set off on the safari, William quickly spotted a rhino mother and her baby wading in a marsh-like patch in the distance.

"Oh wow," gasped Kate, who was dressed in a cream RM Williams blouse and brown Zara biker stretch pants, and both then took turns to look through their binoculars.

The next animal spotted was a large monitor lizard, which Kate seemed tickled by as she giggled when it was pointed out to them.