Green Party broadcast features 5-year-olds playing key political figures

Green Party turns politics into child's play

Some people think politicians behave like children at the best of times, but the Green Party has taken it one step further by suggesting the main parties offer little more than "playground politics" in its local elections promotional video.

Child actors posing as the UK's leading politicians squabble and fight in a primary school as they "debate" some of the key issues facing the country.

In one scene, Tory leadership hopeful "Boris", with a mop of blonde hair, rucksack and riding a tricycle, is seen showing off from atop a climbing frame - only to be shouted down by a young "George", complete with red lunch box and his "long-term leak-omonic plan".

Another scene shows "Jeremy" complaining about a note mocking his silly clothes, before being admonished by "David" during "Prime Minister's Questions" in the school gym for not singing the national anthem.

Out in the playground, "Jeremy H" hides out in a wendy house from junior doctors, while "Theresa" throws teddies and dolls - non-EU citizens - out of a classroom door.

The Green Party, which last year ran a spoof boyband video, hopes its satirical broadcast, dubbed The Not So Secret Life Of 5-Year-Old Politicians, will show the party as a "true alternative" to the "childish Punch and Judy politics" of the main parties.

A spokesman said: "Greens believe that politics isn't something that should be done to the public - instead politicians should work alongside people to tackle shared problems.

"The broadcast reinforces the party's commitment to stand up to protect our NHS and ensure that the quality of your health care is never determined by what's in your wallet, and do everything it can to empower people, redistributing influence so it's no longer in the hands of the privileged few."

The film will be broadcast on ITV at 6.25pm on Wednesday, and can be viewed online at