Dover brought to standstill as far-right and anti-fascist groups stage demos


Dover was brought to a standstill by a large-scale police operation as far-right and anti-fascist groups both held protests.

Roads were closed and lined by police as demonstrators marched separate routes through the port town in Kent.

Thirteen people were arrested in total during the event, including one man arrested on suspicion of possession of offensive weapons and another on suspicion of theft of a police baseball cap.

Three men were arrested in connection with a protest on January 30, when violent clashes erupted between the two groups.

The march, which began shortly after 1pm, was disrupted as anti-fascist protesters refused to assemble in a designated area near Marine Parade, leading to eight arrests.

Police formed a human barrier to cordon the group off on the seafront and as far-right demonstrators marched past, tense words were exchanged over officers.