'Hijacker' arrested in Cyprus after EgyptAir domestic flight diverted

Egypt plane hijacker arrested in Cyprus

The EgyptAir plane hostage situation at Larnaca airport in Cyprus has ended after the alleged hijacker was arrested, the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.


A man who claimed to have an explosive vest had been holding seven people hostage aboard an EgyptAir plane after forcing it to divert to the Mediterranean island during a domestic flight from Alexandria to Cairo.

The airline said the plane, flight number MS181, was carrying 56 passengers, including 26 foreigners, and seven crew, as well as a security officer.

Minutes before the alleged hijacker was arrested a number of people were seen leaving the plane, walking down the stairs, with one climbing out of a cockpit window, before being led away by security officers.

Announcing the end of the hostage situation, the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Twitter: "It's over. The hijacker arrested."

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