Several dead, many injured in Brussels terror attacks


Several people are feared dead and many injured after suspected terrorist bomb attacks in Brussels.

The Belgian capital's airport was rocked by a double blast with reports of up to 10 dead and many more injured.

Another blast was reported by local media at a Metro station in the city, close to European Union buildings.

The suspected terror attack came as Brussels was on the highest level of alert following the arrest of Paris atrocity suspect Salah Abdeslam in the city last week.

Bart van Meele had planned to take a 30th birthday trip to Milan and had passed through security in the terminal when he heard an explosion.

Speaking to the Press Association from the airport, with sirens wailing in the background, the Apple worker, who was evacuated along with thousands of other people, said: "One of the explosions I heard, and then afterwards people started running. It's OK, I'm very calm but it's a bit crazy. You never really think it would happen to you but it's OK."

Mr van Meele, who lives in Belgium but is from the Netherlands, added: "We are all next to the airport, there are a lot of people here. I was inside the terminal, and then people started running very, very fast and then it was quiet for a time and then again they started running and it took a while before we got any information."

Brussels terror attacks

Brussels terror attacks