Council tenant evicted after 20 reported crimes a year for a decade

A council tenant has been evicted from her home after nearly 20 reports of criminal offences at her address per year for a decade.

Leicester City Council said there had been around 180 reports of crimes in the last 10 years at the house in Pollard Road, Braunstone.

The authority said Maxine Ellis, 41, and her family were removed from the home on Tuesday following "a series of crimes and ongoing antisocial behaviour connected with occupants of the property".

These included burglary, theft and actual bodily harm, the council said.

Andy Connelly, assistant city mayor for housing, said: "Eviction of tenants is not an action we take lightly.

"However, when neighbours are living in fear of the sort of crime and anti-social behaviour that the occupants of this property were involved in, we have to take action to put a stop to it.

"No-one should have to tolerate this sort of persistent anti-social behaviour in their neighbourhoods."

Inspector Nicky Preston from West Leicester Neighbourhood Policing Area said: "This family caused a great deal of distress within the local community. They were responsible for a number of offences and committed anti-social behaviour at all times of the day and night.

"We will continue to work with the local authority and support further evictions where individuals are causing alarm and distress within our communities."

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