Supreme Court decision due on case law squabble


Legal experts are waiting for a Supreme Court judgment on a fight between rival sellers of children's ride-on suitcases.

Five Supreme Court justices analysed the design dispute between Magmatic, which sells Trunki suitcases, and PMS International, which sells Kiddee Case luggage, at a hearing in London in November.

They are due to deliver a ruling on Wednesday.

Bosses at Magmatic said Kiddee Case suitcases decorated to look like animals or insects infringed its registered design rights.

Lawyers specialising in design and patent litigation say the decision will have implications.

''This is an extremely important legal case,'' said Ewan Grist, a specialist intellectual property lawyer at law firm Bird & Bird.

''It involves Trunki, a successful company at the forefront of British design which has created a hugely well-known and innovative product.

''It is likely to have profound implications in the design world, whichever way the Supreme Court rules."