Dry and sunny after a night of plummeting temperatures

People can expect to wake up to a largely dry and sunny day after a cold and frosty night saw temperatures plummet to below freezing.

Following on from the wintry showers that had coated parts of northern England on Friday and Saturday, Sunday in contrast, will be fine and generally dry.

Overnight, towns and cities saw temperatures close to freezing while in some rural parts of the UK they were sub-zero.

The Met Office said temperatures were predicted to remain below average for the time of year and some higher ground could still experience wintry showers.

Although the weather is expected to get milder in the coming week, the cold snap is to remain a constant over the next few days, ranging between 4C and 6C.

Forecaster for the Met Office Mark Wilson said: "Sunday will be largely dry and sunny, we are looking at a nice day to come, there will still be a few showers around again, quite wintry on higher ground. There is a risk of the far south west of England, Cornwall and parts of Ireland where we could see some thicker cloud, some rain and hill snow for some time."

Monday will be a brighter day with the occasional shower affecting the north-east coast and western parts of Scotland but will remain predominantly dry.

Tuesday brings a change in the weather with only a few spots of rain, as temperatures gradually get milder.

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