Brexit backers report 3,500 campaigning in biggest day of action so far


Activists campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union hit the high street in their biggest day of action yet.

Over 3,500 activists staffed more than 300 street stalls nationwide and handed out leaflets in an effort to bring the Brexit message to local communities, according to the Grassroots Out (GO) campaign.

Standing in a chilly shopping centre in Croydon, south London, Conservative MP Peter Bone said: "A lot of people think this campaign will be won in television studios - it will not.

"It is about people standing out here in the rain and in the freezing cold and chatting to people."

The MP for Wellingborough said: "It is a people's movement."

The event has been billed by GO as the "biggest ever action day in the history of British referendums" ahead of the EU referendum on June 23.

Mr Bone, who was campaigning in Belfast on Friday, said the main issues people are asking him about are immigration and the cost of being in the EU, along with British sovereignty.

Campaigners - some wearing T-shirts with the words "Leave EU. One Size Does not fit All" emblazoned on the back, handed out leaflets to passing shoppers.

One card, boldly featuring the Union flag, listed different reasons to leave ranging from freedom to make strong trade deals with other nations, to the freedom to deregulate the EU's costly mass of laws.

Mr Bone was joined by Tory MP Tom Pursglove, and both suggested that speaking to people face to face was a chance to combat "scaremongering" and any "myths" about what an exit could mean.

On whether an exit would damage Britain's ability to trade internationally, Mr Pursglove said: "Let's face it - I do not see the Germans not wanting to sell us BMWs and Audis just because we are no longer in the Union. I think that is scaremongering.

"On the day after (the vote) they would be banging on our door saying we want to negotiate an agreement with the British. The quality of the products that we produce is very very high."