Tories get £5m in significant donations in quarter - nearly double Labour sum


The Tories raked in over £5 million from significant donations in the final quarter of last year - nearly double the sum received by Labour.

David Cameron's party was handed £5.15 million compared to £2.67 million for the Opposition, according to Electoral Commission figures.

Some £2 million of Labour's gifts were from unions - including around £940,000 from Unite and £353,000 from Unison.

However, the party's income was topped up with £1.5 million of public funding, while the Conservatives received £303,000.

The Liberal Democrats declared £828,000 of gifts, and Ukip topped up £196,000 of donations with nearly £90,000 of public funding.

The SNP received £347,000, including £293,000 from the taxpayer.  

The British National Party (BNP), which temporarily lost its status as a political party last month after omitting to pay a £25 registration fee, benefited from a £150,000 bequest.

The details cover donations of more than £7,500 accepted by parties between October and December 2015.