Labour leader Corbyn warns of 'zombie democracy' under Tories

The UK could become a "zombie democracy" because of Tory efforts to transform it into a one-party state, Jeremy Corbyn has warned.

The Labour leader accused David Cameron's Government of introducing a series of measures aimed at tilting the playing field in the Tories' favour. 

Mr Corbyn highlighted the Trade Union Bill, proposed constituency boundary reforms and planned cuts to taxpayer funding for opposition parties as measures aimed at locking the Conservatives in power "for generations".

Writing in the Daily Mirror, he said "we are now at risk of having a zombie democracy roaming around a one-party state".

"No, I haven't been binge-watching Doctor Who. But I have been watching with ever more worry how a right-wing Conservative Party is grabbing the chance to lock itself into power for generations."

Mr Corbyn also claimed the Government was "menacing" the BBC and accused ministers of delivering a "sinister" message to charities to "shut up or be shut down" by altering funding clauses to prevent taxpayers' money being used to pressure the Government to alter policies.

The Labour leader said an administration led by him would "put the people back in power".

"We will declare an annual democracy day, when my government stands before Parliament to declare what we have done to roll back Tory attacks and advance the rights of the common man and woman," he said.

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