Ice warning for commuters before temperatures rise

A cold snap greets commuters on Friday before temperatures rebound up to 14C (57.2F) over the weekend as a north-south divide takes hold.

The eastern half of England will wake up to temperatures as low as minus 4C (24.8F) before a crisp morning that is dry and clear with a risk of some icy patches on untreated roads.

A damp yet chilly start for Wales, western parts of England and Scotland and Northern Ireland, brings with it an increased risk of ice.

It prompted the Met Office to issue a yellow warning for ice that will remain in place until 10am.

Met Office forecaster Charlie Powell said: "For the morning motorists should take your time and drive according to the conditions.

"But going through the day we will see a bit of a change with cloud rolling in from the east and by lunchtime rain for Scotland, north west England, Northern Ireland, Wales and south west England."

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