Cameron 'battling for Britain' at EU reforms talks


David Cameron declared he was "battling for Britain" as he arrived for crunch talks on his European Union reforms.

The Prime Minister arrived at the Brussels summit, billed as a "make-or-break" moment for the UK's renegotiation agenda, insisting he would not accept a deal that did not meet his demands.

If a deal is agreed at the meeting of EU leaders, it could pave the way for a referendum on the UK's membership of the EU as early as June, but Mr Cameron insisted he was not in a rush to secure an agreement at any cost.

He said: "We have got some important work to do today and tomorrow and it's going to be hard. I will be battling for Britain; if we can get a good deal I will take that deal but I will not take a deal that does not meet what we need.

"I think it is much more important to get this right than to do anything in a rush.

"But with goodwill, with hard work, we can get a better deal for Britain."