Just call me, says 'wanted thief' in note to police


A conscientious "wanted thief" left a handwritten note for police urging them to give the suspect a call.

Officers working a local beat for West Midlands Police tweeted a picture of the message they found taped to a door, with the comment that their persistence in tracing the individual appeared to have paid off.

Police working the Bushbury and Oxley neighbourhood patch in Wolverhampton said: "The team's persistence paid off with a little note left on a door from a wanted thief."

The letter writer also left a name and contact telephone number - both redacted in the image posted to Twitter.

The officers said the matter would be resolved by Thursday.

In the note, its writer stated they would like "to meet you, like before, OK?"

It continued: "A friend in the street said you had been (officers, anyway).

"Ok - call me and I will come down and sort whatever out!

"After I finish work is best."

It ended: "So yes, just call me. Thanks."