'Legend' who tripped up suspected drug dealer revealed as soldier


A man who tripped up a suspected drug dealer running from police has been revealed as a soldier, who said his military training kicked in when he saw the chase.

Lance Sergeant Matthew Lawson had just treated his wife to an early Valentine's evening out in Kingston upon Thames, south west London, on Saturday when they saw the teenager running towards them, pursued on foot by police.

Footage of the moment Lance Sergeant Lawson is seen casually sticking out his foot, causing the suspect to fall, was shared online and has been viewed thousands of times.

Kingston Police appealed for the mystery man, who they dubbed a "legend", to come forward so they could thank him for his help.

The 37-year-old soldier from Derby is a euphonium player in the Band of the Scots Guards, and will play for the Queen on her 90th birthday in June.

Lance Sergeant Lawson, who is based in Wellington Barracks beside Buckingham Palace, said: "I heard a shout: 'Stop! Police!' And immediately my military training just kicked in.

"I saw the policemen chasing a guy and I thought: 'He's a bit of a whippet, they'll never catch him.' So I reckoned I'd buy them a few seconds, and just stuck my leg out to trip him up.

"The guy fell and as the police grabbed him, they called back 'cheers, mate, thank you' and my wife and I just continued on our way and thought nothing more of it."

Man Trips Up Suspected Drug Dealer Fleeing From Police