Flippin' eck! MPs leave rivals with egg on faces in pursuit of pancake prize

MPs Batter Journalists in Pancake Day Race

The House of Lords and the media have taken a battering from MPs in the annual parliamentary pancake race.

MPs led by captain Stephen Pound (Labour, Ealing North) completed the race in just six minutes and eight seconds to claim victory for the first time since 2013.

Teams from both Houses of Parliament, as well as the political press, ran nine laps of the course in Victoria Tower Gardens, in the shadow of the Palace of Westminster, to raise funds for disability charity Rehab's brain injury centres in Birmingham and Newcastle.

Afterwards, a proud Mr Pound said: "For weeks we have been walking on eggshells, but the hours of pancake race bootcamp finally paid off. To lift the Rehab Parliamentary Pancake Race Magnificent Tin Cup really is a wonderful feeling.

"Hats off to the opposition though, they really gave us a run for our pancakes and forced us to dig even deeper. For a while we thought we were fried, but we weren't going to let this one out of the pan. Our next challenge will be to fly the flag for Queen and country at the Olympic Games in Rio (de Janeiro) and win Pancake Race Gold for Britain--that will be a real feather in our cap.

"Of course, the race is all about supporting the work of the disability charity, Rehab, and the importance of supporting our disabled and marginalised communities. That's one race that we must never lose sight of. Rehab are the real winners here today."