EU deal: Details still need to be 'pinned down', says Cameron


Securing the package of proposed reforms to Britain's relationship with the European Union will need hard work and patience but real progress has been made, David Cameron has said.

The Prime Minister told MPs the plans put forward by Brussels were the strongest ever achieved on freedom of movement rules.

But he admitted the details would need to be pinned down during the course of the "intense" round of negotiations that will be held in the run up to the meeting of EU leaders later this month.

Mr Cameron said: "I believe we are making real progress in all four areas but the process is far from over.

"There are details that still need to be pinned down and intense negotiations to try and agree the deal with 27 other countries.

"It will require hard work, determination and patience to see it through but I believe that with these draft texts and with all the work we have done with our European partners Britain is getting closer to the decision point."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn confirmed that Labour remained committed to keeping Britain in the EU but dismissed Mr Cameron's re-negotiation as a "Tory Party drama".

"For all the sound and fury, the Prime Minister has ended up exactly where he knew he would be making the case to remain in Europe which was what he always intended despite a renegotiated spectacle choreographed for TV cameras over the continent," he said.