Safari web browser issue resolved, says Apple


An issue with Apple's Safari web browser that caused it to suddenly crash for many iPhone, iPad and Mac users globally has now been resolved, the company said. 

Safari users had found the service crashing and returning them to their device home screen when they attempted to use the app's search bar to browse the web, according to widespread complaints on social media.

However, not all users appear to have been affected by the issue, with those who are still having problems being advised to clear their website data from within the settings app to complete the fix. 

Safari is Apple's own-built web browsing app that comes pre-installed on iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

Twitter user Thom O'Neil was one of hundreds to report the problem: "Safari on my iPhone crashes every time I try and type in the search bar," he wrote.

"Have deleted data etc and updated iOS but still does it."

The issue appeared to be related to the app's search suggestions feature, which offers users potential searches based on what they begin to type.

Though there has been no further confirmation from Apple, it appears the firm has been able to quickly issue a fix for the bug. 

It comes less than a day after Apple's latest financial results, in which despite posting record profits, the company warned that it expects iPhone growth to decline for the first time in the smartphone's history in the second quarter of the year.

Last week, fellow technology giant Twitter also suffered service problems when the social media site went down for more than six hours due to a problem with the code that runs the service.