Steelworkers braced for more job cuts with Tata plants in Wales to bear brunt


The Government is set to come under fresh pressure to help the steel industry as workers are braced for more job losses. 

Tata is expected to announce around 1,000 job cuts at plants including Port Talbot and Llanwern in south Wales. 

The news is likely to be made tomorrow, dealing a fresh blow to the industry. 

Thousands of job losses were announced last year, with companies blaming high energy costs and cheap Chinese imports. 

Tata and the steel unions made no comment.  

But sources told the Press Association that an announcement was imminent, with the majority of job cuts expected to be at Port Talbot, which employs over 4,000 workers.

Many contractors and service firms rely on the plant, so direct job cuts will have a knock-on effect across the region. 

The Government responded to the crisis by holding a summit last year and pressing the European Union to help high energy using firms. 

But unions believe more should be done and will use any announcement from Tata as proof that further action is needed.