Runaway reindeer roams streets of Nottingham after fleeing Christmas event

Runaway Reindeer Causes Christmas Chaos in London
Runaway Reindeer Causes Christmas Chaos in London

A reindeer galloped down residential streets after escaping from a Christmas event at a Tesco car park.

The reindeer, called Bjorn, was reportedly startled by a car horn and sprinted away from the car park at the store in Carlton Hill, Nottingham, on Sunday.

He was later found in a nearby garden and returned to safety.

Warren Porter, 23, from Sherwood, said: "It was one of the weirdest unexpected sights I will ever witness.

"I was driving down Carlton Hill and saw what I thought was a massive dog running up the pavement.

"I locked my doors and thought 'you're not getting in here, I've got carrots in my boot'.

"As it ran past, a woman dressed in festive gear was chasing up the road with a rope.

"You couldn't create a story like that."

Event organisers The Animal Company said the reindeer escaped after slipping its rope, but was later tempted back into their truck.